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Oh no.

I hope this doesn't happen again!
God dammit, even though last summer was fun, I hope certain parts don't repeat themselves.
But maybe again, then I do. Hence the "God dammit". Ugh.

I Love life though, that's right.
Man, The Fall of Troy will be missed.

Comin' home tomorrow, going to see al my buds.
Aw hell yeah.

I can't wait to get new tattoos, I have a few ideas that seem really promising. But! I won't over do it, or hope not too anyway. I gotta keep an eye on my funds since they are running relaly short. I've been playing bass a lot lately, learning a lot of cool things. I almost like it as much as guitar to be honest, it's a totally different mindset. I'll still always love the drums the most, hopefully I'll be able to download FL Studio when I return home to try to make some music in my spare time at school. Music I can actually record and stuff.

I asked that girl to hang out again, she said she was busy. For some reason, I'm still smiling. Usually stuff like that would throw me off, but not this time. At least I'm trying again you know? It's been awhile. But ah, you can win them all. Life goes on, and I think lots of people forgot that if something is shitty for awhile or something, it'll past. I kind of came home though because at first I was all "eh" about it. But relaxing with close friends makes me realize that it's all ok. It also makes me realize that summer is just a few weeks away, then I'll be able to relax for a long while. Going swimming, hangin' out, showin' it, bein' ridiculous, I can't wait for it all!

I'll keep singing and dancing, nothin' will stop me!
Interesting though; What if I could manipulate gravity?

Answer; Well, I'd turn the earth inside out.

So school's been pretty okay. Not to bad, the week gets hectic but after all is said and done it's really not that bad. Like before though, I'm getting kind of sick of the day to day routine that seems to endlessly overlap itself into some sort of origami. Whatever that means.
Jesus Christ, I hope Jen doesn't come up this weekend, I don't ever want to hear from that idiot again. It's pathetic really. Living a positive life is cool and all, but that doesn't mean you are one hundred percent of the time, that's be ridiculous. So believe me when I say this, "Everything you, said is bullshit and I hate you." This girl just drags everything down with her, lieing all the time and tries to make herself look cool. Such a bad friend. Anyway..
I might ask that other girl to do something this weekend, although I don't know what. There's usually nothing to do around here. She'll probably be busy or something, but fuck it, I don't even care. Maybe that's my problem; I really don't give a shit about stuff like that anymore. I had a dream last night though that was one of the best dreams I've had in awhile, so maybe it's a sign. Signs are weird though, I could be reading it wrong. But eh, couldn't really hurt to try. I just don't want to pretend anymore.

The weather is always changing and I don't mind.



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